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Dr. and Mrs. W. C. Culp Student Research Grant



The Dr. and Mrs. W.C. Culp Student Research Grant is designed to foster an interest in research by funding a summer research project conducted by a medical student in an area identified by SIR Foundation as important to the advancement of interventional radiology and patient care.

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SIR Summer Medical Internship Program (SMIP)


The SIR Foundation Summer Medical Internship Program introduces medical students early in their studies to interventional radiology research and medical device development. The internships are for highly motivated medical students who seek to acquire a fundamental understanding of research methods as they relate to vascular and interventional radiology.

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AMS Summer Research Assistantship


Summer Assistantships (SAs) are available to Brown medical students between their first and second years for intensive 8- to 10-week summer projects taking place under the mentorship of a Brown faculty member. Projects appropriate for SA funding range from traditional bench research, to advocacy work, to the creative arts. All projects must be related in some way to health and medicine.

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MSKCC Medical Student Summer Fellowship


Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center’s Medical Student Summer Fellowship Program is a research program for first- and second-year students at US medical schools who are interested in careers as physician-scientists in the field of oncology and/or related biomedical sciences.

Funded since 1977 by the National Cancer Institute, this program grants students the opportunity to conduct basic laboratory or clinical research under the mentorship of MSK faculty. Additional support is provided by MSK’s Office of Diversity Programs in Clinical Care, Research, and Training.

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RSNA Medical Student Research Grant


This R&E Foundation grant gives medical students the opportunity to gain research experience in medical imaging while they’re still in school. Recipients will define objectives, develop research skills and test hypotheses, all before even choosing a residency program. Ultimately, this experience gives students a chance to consider academic radiology as a future career option.

The foundation will award up to 10 additional grants for medical students who identify as minorities underrepresented in medicine (UIM) beginning in the 2020 grant funding year.

Grant recipients receive $3,000, which is matched by the sponsoring department, equaling $6,000 total. It is to be used as a stipend for the medical student. Funds are intended to secure time for the recipient and may not be used for non-personnel research expenses.

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SIR Medical Student Travel Scholarship



The award provides medical students in the U.S. and Canada with the opportunity to learn about IR at an early stage in their medical careers. Selected scholars attend the SIR Annual Scientific Meeting—an experience that includes participation in dedicated educational programming, presentations from the leaders in the field of interventional radiology and networking opportunities with IRs from across the world.  Scheduled events include the MIT/RIT Scholars Dinner, where some of IR’s most influential leaders will highlight emerging therapies and issues in the specialty.  Scholars are welcome to also attend sessions outside of the medical student pathway.

Scholarship receipients receive a $1,000 travel stipend.

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